Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bucket List

Without comment... and no, I haven't seen the film.

- Get married / have beautiful and super-smart kids.
- Work at an awesome job where I do what I love.
- Own a home.
- Go on an extended road trip with previously mentioned wife and kids.
- Get mentioned on someone else's blog.
- Get mentioned on a famous blog.
- Get mentioned on a family member's blog. (Finally!)
- Visit a foreign country.
- Visit the West Coast.
- Visit the Midwest.
- Visit the Southeast.
- Visit the Northwest.
- Visit the Southwest.
- Hawaii?  Too much?
- Meet Rush Limbaugh.
- Meet Sean Hannity.
- Meet Mark Levin.
- Meet Sarah Palin.
- Meet Glenn Beck.
- Meet Chris Christie.
- Meet Greg Gutfeld.
- Sit down with Glenn and/or Chris and/or any of the above and explain how the unions and the tax system killed the passenger train, and come up with a plan to have the private sector revitalize the system through government divestiture of all passenger rail services at all levels.


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Tim said...

So happy to help you in your quest!