Friday, March 19, 2010

Jeff Boss: Idiot

If you've lived or worked in the Newark area over the past few years, you know Jeff Boss.

You know him from the many wonderful postings on the underpasses of Newark roads. Here's a small reminder, to help jog your memory.

Obviously I blurred out the man's license plate - I'm not telling the NSA where he lives!

He's got several postings on the Jackson Street Bridge....

and near Newark's Broad Street Station...

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(his rantings are on the on-ramp to I-280 - on the map, immediately to the right of the marker).

This man is a disgusting waste of oxygen. He's taken the worst attack on the United States in several generations and turned it into a publicity stunt. He, and all the other troofers out there, makes me sick to my stomach.

He was outside my office today, peddling his crap and trying to sell people on the idea. Seriously, last election in NJ this guy ran for Governor, Senate, and about a thousand other positions. His main platform has been getting to the "troof" behind 9/11. I only had time to grab a couple of pictures earlier, because I'm a real man with a job who works for a living and doesn't hand out crap about how he was present for NSA meetings where 9/11 was supposedly planned by GWB. When I wrapped up my other work and went down to challenge him, he'd run away already.

No doubt the cops didn't take kindly to having some inbred moron telling the public that their brothers in arms had been killed in some conspiracy by the government (when every bit of sane and logical evidence points to 19 individual wastes of human being).

Also, as Dr. Rusty Shakleford of the Jawa Report pointed out when we spoke via email, if the NSA were as powerful as they say, he'd be dead. Personally, I think if he was at all right in his assumptions, he'd never have been able to say anything about it. I almost wish he wasn't ever able to proclaim his idiocy, and I refuse to link to his site and propogate his crap - go to Wikipedia or read this article about him from the elections if you're a sadist and actually want to know more about him.


mueller said...

That's the trouble with secrets. Once you tell somebody, it isn't a secret anymore.
A man whos life is so devoid of pupose or meaning he must make something up to believe in.
Loser with a capital "L"

AW1 Tim said...

You know, if someone wanted to, they could freak the crap right outta this guy. All it would take is a little intel as to where he's gonna be next, and a couple hundred bucks.

Just hire a couple actors, give them black suits and G-man haircuts and shades. Let them follow him around all day. Never speak to him, never say a word to him. Every now and then say something into a cell phone, take a pic, etc.

Have someone surreptitiously video the whole thing.

That would make an awesome video. :)

cjk said...

Yeah the video would probably be pretty decent up until the point the paranoid freak pulls out his own piece and smokes your 'actors'.

Anybody crazy enough to be a truther is crazy enough to do something else equally paranoid crazy without thinking.

Violetwrites said...

Perhaps the man is delusional. I'd think the NSA or any other high ranking government agency would recruit highly educated people from top ranking ivy league schools. I could be wrong. Just a thought.

Moderator said...

Jeff may be nuts, but he has a point — see