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Obamatons - Fun to play with!

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Hi JAmes,

Thanks for the button [McCain/Palin button I sent out Friday on Facebook] ...nice try. One of the things I LOVE about America is that we can have different viewpoints yet still respect one another!!! I was a Hill supporter til the end. After watching O' BAma speak last night, I was convinced he was for me. Of course having Joe on the ticket really helps as he is brilliant and a Catholic. As for Palin on your ticket, I am not impressed. If McCain croaks, I do not want a women with NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever to be my prez. It is insulting to me as a woman that he picked a woman that started out as a beauty queen. That is insulting to all women. Why didn't he pick Kaye B Huchinson from least she is smart. SOOOOOOOOO. I am NOT impressed at all and O' Bama/Biden will get my vote.

James Riley
August 29 at 2:45pm
I love America! BARACK AMERICA! The man who can defend us from evil demon children coming out of the womb! The man who can make sure all of our money gets funneled to the right lobbyist or fatcat! BARACK AMERICA! The only one who can save us from ourselves! BARACK AMERICA! And his sidekick, Joe "I'm always wrong on foreign policy AND a Washington insider" Biden! BARACK AMERICA! Defending us from Hillary Clinton, the discoverer of the VAST RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY! 

Seriously, though... Palin hasn't had to resort to petty BS to get any office - she relied on her wits and her experience to get where she is. Barack, well, pretty much ruined the lives of Jack Ryan and his wife, Star Trek: Voyager star Jeri "Seven of Nine" Ryan with the crap he went through to get into office. Oh, and that whole "I launched my career in the house of a terrorist who likes the idea of killing Americans to achieve his aims" thing - yeah let's just sweep that one under the rug. 

The man has one goal, which he's been screaming from the rafters: introduction of the redistribution of wealth on a scale unknown to mankind. The man is a Marxist and wants to bring America to its knees. 

I have my own problems with John McCain, but at least he's picked someone that has their head on straight. She's a mother of five kids, one of whom is fighting for our freedoms in Iraq and the youngest of whom has Downs Syndrome. The kind of strength of character, the absolute will to go ahead with pregnancy despite such news tells me all I need to know about this woman. It tells me that when there are hard choices and difficult decisions to make, she'll guide us on the right path. It tells me that she is not concerned with what some pollster might say, and that when she says she is going to do something, by hell it's going to happen no matter what. 

I can't be more proud to be an American, especially now.

August 29 at 3:03pm
Let's see where this takes us from McCain who in his own words said he doesn't know that much about the economy. The man who will NEVER get us out of Iraq even if THEY want us out (and now even GWB is setting a timetable). The man is a War mongrel and will have us at war with Iran in a heartbeat. He also wants to bring back the draft, which I am for. The campaign that is run by lobbyists, that is Mc Cain. The man who left his ailing wife for an heiress, now That is family values!!! As for Palin, isn't she under investigation now also..........what a way to start a campaign....Let's go.
As my dear friend Timothy J Russert used to say, "What a Country"!!!! I am so PROUD to be a Democrat. The Republican men I know here are livid he picked her. They wanted Romney. He may get some women to vote for her, but he is going to loose men now!!!! What does that wind bag, El Rushbo have to say about her?????e

James Riley
August 30 at 8:46am
Apologies for the late response - yesterday was just a tad bit crazy. That being said:

1. McCain doesn't need to be an expert on the economy - he just needs to choose the right advisers to assist him in making sound economic decisions. 

2. A) McCain, if elected, will bring the troops home when the security of this country from forces who would take advantage of the precarious situation in Iraq can be guaranteed primarily by the citizens and residents of Iraq. We are already very close to that goal, as al-Qaeda has shot themselves in the foot and bolted for Iran and Afghanistan. Just this weekend a young woman who had been ready to follow their bidding and become a suicide bomber turned herself in - this is a strong indication that we are getting through to the people of Iraq and that they are willing and able to accept and embrace a free and secure nation on their own very soon. B) Dubya hasn't set a timetable - I love my friends at NBC but they like to make up news to suit their particular viewpoints. 

3) I think the word you are looking for is "monger" and I doubt that very much - I'm sure he wants to end this just as badly as everyone else involved, not the least because he knows the horrors of war first hand (unlike certain half-term Senators with plenty of experience as unpaid "community activists"). Consequently, because he knows how important a war is, and because he knows, as a soldier, that victory is not something to be claimed lightly, and because he understands that in order to remain the greatest, most free nation on the planet that we need to claim a definitive victory in this instance, he will not back down from this war. And if, sometime in the future, that means going after Achmedenijad, then that's what it means. 

4) As for the draft, I'm not sure I recall John McCain ever, in this campaign, actively endorsing the draft for this time and place. I do recall he made an offhand comment about how it was a good idea at the time during WWII, since our armed forces at the time required an intensive and rapid buildup to take on what was at the time the greatest threat to the free world. I personally think it outlived its usefulness and was thankfully taken down after Vietnam, but as for reinstituting it, I think that would be a very bad idea - our armed forces are experiencing very high influxes of volunteers who want to be there and who have a desire to do their absolute best while they are there; taking that away will quickly reduce the effectiveness and morale of our armed forces. 

5) McCain may have dealt with lobbyists as a senator, and some may have appeared to be less than ethical, but very early on in the campaign an investigation proved that this was quite incorrect and the man was cleared of any and all wrongdoing. Obama, on the other hand, has very questionable friends: the previously mentioned admitted and self-declared terrorist Mr. Ayers and his wife; Mr. Tony Rezko, a convicted felon who embezzled funds meant to keep his tenants warm (yes, Rezko's tenants actually froze the whole winter because the heat had been turned off - mind you this was all within Obama's district as a state senator at the time, so he had the power and the means to fix this and did NOTHING), Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a man whose infamous line "No No No, not God BLESS America, GOD DAMN AMERICA" says all we need to hear about his beliefs and his feelings, and whose beliefs Obama had to have been aware of, having attended his church for over twenty years and having had his marriage conducted and his children baptised there; Rev. Michael Phleger, a radical Catholic priest who associated with Obama in his role as a community activist and whose beliefs were most certainly not in line with the Catholic Church, having advocated socialism and having mocked HRC and I believe (I may be wrong on this one, I'm still waking up) called for her to go back to the kitchen and stay out of the race. On McCain's side, we have one Baptist minister who had made some offhand comments about what he thought McCain believed, and a radio host who mocked Obama's middle name and was practically immediately shown the door by McCain. Rather than Obama's weeks-long waits to throw his prior associates under the bus, McCain tackled it head-on within 24 hours. 

6) Yes, he cheated on his wife and yes, he divorced and remarried. He also has admitted that it was wrong of him to do that, which is an order of magnitude greater of a response than other politicians who have been involved in the same form of scandal. He is human, he isn't perfect, but he's willing to admit when he's wrong and that means more than empty excuses and begging forgiveness. 

7) Palin is under investigation because her sister's ex-husband, who had tazered her nephew (at his request, but still..) and done various other things which would put someone, in my book at least, under the category of "asshat", was removed from employment with the state troopers and decided that it was a conspiracy against him. The state senator leading the investigation, a solid Democrat (remember: she soundly routed the Democrats when she came into office) has made it clear that subpoenas are absolutely not necessary because the governor has made all resources, records, and personnel available for the investigation. Since the investigation just started, we do not know how far it will get but I can tell you: actions such as that do not point to a guilty governor. 

8) The men you know are obviously not informed and rather sexist, if you ask me. Romney was vetted in the primary and lost. In addition, McCain happens to have a strong and stubborn sense of personal honor, honor which Romney quite obviously violated on a number of occasions and which immediately disqualified him from the VP slot. Whomever he loses as a vote simply because he chose a woman ought to be ashamed of themselves. I say this now equally of Palin and Geraldine Ferraro, whom I disagree strongly with but who was equally qualified for the VP slot when she was nominated: if you choose not to vote for them strictly based on gender, you are selling short not only the candidates, but every woman everywhere who has made a decision to stand up and live and work equally to their male counterparts and independently of any assistance. 

9) I'm honestly not sure what Rush has to say about her: I don't have the opportunity to listen to him while I'm at work, but he's got transcripts on his site so it's quite easy to figure out what he thinks of McCain's choice. Knowing what I do of Rush's beliefs in the situation I think he would approve (have a child inside right now who is in the middle of tearing apart the living room and don't have the time to check his site to be sure).

No response yet!  And this person's current status?  "... is passionate about .. politics!" [gender removed to anonymize]  

(PS: does anyone else notice any glaring differences between the messages?)

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